The Devil's Lesson Series


The Devil's Lesson: In Love: Book 1

As Arik took his first breath of life he also drew his last. It is strictly forbidden for any form of angel to have a son in Eden- an undiscovered land that is very much apart of our world. But the ever defiant and notorious fallen angel, Maximus had thought, as in everything else, he was exempt from any and all rules, this one in particular.In an un-holy pact between Heavenly and fallen angels, Maximus' son, Arik is resurrected into eighteen-year-old Ivan in the palace of the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia. 

His sole purpose: To become the Antichrist and destroy the world.

However, there is a flaw in this fallen plan because Ivan is part human. As such he is also guided by human emotion, and the one no fallen had ever counted on was love.

When sixteen-year-old Heavenly angel, Cerys, whose angelic gift is in her abundance of love, meets Ivan, it changes everything. Suddenly, Ivan is off his path of destruction and is being enticed onto the road to salvation.

Ivan doesn’t know how to go against being fallen and live, but he doesn’t want to live without Cerys’ love. 


The Devil's Lesson: In Devotion: Book 2

After Cerys has left him to return to Eden, Ivan finds himself lost and wanting to advance into his Purpose. However, his fallen leaders Zan and Cassius are still out to manipulate and direct his life according to their plan.

Ivan uncovers more and more of the deviousness against him as his fallen mission is starting to prove to be too much. The call for his salvation is pulling at him when he slowly discovers that his adoptive mother, Kim is also part of the fallen plan.

There are no accidental players in Ivan's life, and the next betrayal seems to becoming from the last person that he believed that he could trust. 


The Devil's Lesson: In Faith: Book 3

 Love is ever so complicated for Arik Ivan Reigns, but then, no one ever said that love was easy, especially for a fallen set on a perilous path.

For Ivan, love seems to be an impossible reach. His desire is to stop trying to take hold of it, but the fallen ultimately have their own plan for him... and it is in the form of Madison Richardson.

She is young, beautiful and feisty. Ivan is very much drawn to her. However, she comes with the baggage of being in love with the Heavenly Angel, Donovan, and fated to be with Prince Daniel of Eden.

As with most teenagers, Madison doesn't know her own heart. She feels everything to the extreme, and as if it will be the last emotion, the last moment of her life, the last everything that she will ever experience, not realizing that there is so much more to endure after High School.

Madison thinks that she is ready, but she really is not ready for this test of her heart. However, she doesn't have a choice, because she is apart of the fallen plan.

Can she submit to the fallen way, or will she fight against it till the bitter end?

For Ivan, Madison is for keeps, or is she? Ivan has finally met his match in her. She does not want anything from him, which is a plus. She is not too good, and oh so bad, which for Ivan, is another positive. Madison believes deeply in her own salvation, but doesn't care a single thing about his, and that is a Godsend.
Ivan sees Madison as a way to free him from his loneliness and heartbreak. She is his perfect match, and a possible way for him to move past Cerys. He just needs to garner control over her, but the more that he gets to know Madison... The more that he discovers that she is out of his and even the fallen's control. Madison is her own woman and dances only to her own tune. She refuses to be tamed.

Ivan is intrigued by her, but can he trust her, or love her in a meaningful, absolute way... he must find this all out.

With so many emotions at play between them, Ivan doesn't know if he should stay the course, and carve out what happiness he can have with Madison, or if he should betray her and seek a way to Cerys.

As usual, deception runs wild until the very end. But Madison won't give up, because all she has left is her faith, and that is exactly what Ivan has set out to destroy in her.
This saga is set to unfold in an supernatural way, as revenge meets fate and fate meets desire.