Gator Girl: The Royal Seduction (Book 1)


Gator Girl: The Royal Seduction (Book 1)

Everyone is a master manipulator in this story of fated love, where the lesson learned is that love cannot be manipulated.

After the death of her mother, Kelsey has suppressed who she truly is and all of the strength and power she has. She has been stuck in the role of being naively led by her over-protective family, instead of taking charge of her life.

Realizing that she cannot remain sheltered forever, she takes a marked step out into the real world, losing her hedge of protection.

Kelsey falters at forging out on her own, making bad, immoral choices; unaware that her heart is being manipulated away from her true love, in order to keep her lost in darkness.

There are forces of evil set against her, throwing her life off balance because they wish to destroy her before she can uncover that she was made perfect and is being deliberately misguided to corrupt her soul.

Prince Stephen Lyons is the one man who can help save her, but there is one man who has always come between them. In order to keep Kelsey sane, Stephen has made an ultimate sacrifice of his love for her.

But when he realizes he has been given one last chance to love her, he won’t allow anyone or anything to hold him back.

Will fate find a way to redeem Kelsey or will she fall for the Royal Seduction of Prince Stephen Lyons. 


Gator Girl: The Sensual Induction-Book 2

22-year old UF Law Student, Kelsey, ventures to Madrid, Spain with her sister in-law, Jacqueline, who is intent on having an illicit affair with a past love to get back at Kelsey's brother for cheating on her. Kelsey's job is to ensure that Jacqueline returns back home within a week. But Kelsey is about to get caught up in her own affair to remember when HRH Prince Stephen Lyons shows up unexpectedly and insists that she stay with him at his home in Spain while she waits for Jacqueline. Will Stephen turn the tables on Kelsey and finish what he started and get the revenge that he was seeking against her brother by luring Kelsey into his bed, or is his true agenda to fall in love?

This story picks up right where the last one ended, and Kelsey is taken on an adventure of a lifetime through romantic Spain in the arms of a real Prince. 


Gator Girl-Truth, Lies, and Confessions - BOOK 3

 Kelsey is left alone in Spain by Stephen, but she isn't alone for long... As if there could possibly be peace. The world ascends upon her all at once.

Stephen has told her to stay out of trouble, but he didn't warn her that trouble would find her!

She gains full access to her phone back, and Michael calls to tell her about Stephen's shocking and cryptic past. Kelsey must uncover the truth, but in her search she discovers that there are more and more secrets and lies to confront and then Stephen does the ultimate and confesses! However, Kelsey does not believe that he is telling her the truth.

Can Kelsey endure or has she had enough of HRH? Gator Girl - Truth, Lies and Confessions 


Gator Girl: The Answers - Book 4

 When Kelsey Aimes gets thrown into the Royal world of HRH Prince Stephen Lyons her whole life gets turned upside down. Truth's become lies and the DRAMA is non-stop. Kelsey gets closer to the learning the truth about who she is, but is never more further away.

In Book 4, everything escalates. Stephen is no longer playing around with wanting her, but putting everything he says into action, BIG TIME and no holds barred, but does he go too far?

Innocent, but by no means sweet, Kelsey starts out wanting to do the right thing, but she has a curious nature about her that wants to know everything, and that gets her into trouble. And she ends up getting suckered in, once again, by Stephen. Before she knows it, everything that she said she would never do, she is doing! It gets hot as hell and Stephen is just warming up.

Kelsey puts her demands on Stephen - pointedly, that he must stop sleeping with his friend Nicollet. He complies, but now she is being tasked to fill the void in his bed, but she still hasn't told him all the secrets that she is hiding from him and they are getting in the way.

Stephen is getting closer to the truth about Kelsey, and she is trying her hardest to make it a non-issue, but she is running out of time because Stephen is always twenty steps ahead of her.

Kelsey did not expect to lose herself to HRH Prince Stephen, but there isn't anything that she can do about it when her body is in control of her mind. Her heart is still torn between two men, while she is trying to play in this Royal world of opulence and power, but she’s winding up getting played from beginning to end.

Love him or hate him, or just hate that you love him; he will definitely steal your heart and take you away to fulfill your greatest of fantasies and show you desires that you never knew you had. He is after all a titled Prince, HRH Prince Stephen Lyons!

You will wish he were yours for real. Get carried away into this Royal world of DRAMA, nuttiness and naughty behavior on SO MANY LEVELS!  

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Gator Girl-The Aftermath - Book 5

 He's no Prince Charming
Waking up in the reality of what she did 'Last Night' with Stephen is stressing Kelsey out. She explained to Stephen repeatedly that she did not want to get involved in anything that had to do with bondage and now she has. What will be the repercussions? They begin with Stephen shutting down and refusing to discuss the whole thing. Kelsey believes she has gone too far with him, but he was the one leading the way.

If that isn’t enough Kelsey is overwhelmed with the constant challenges of the apprenticeship. Everyone is out to get her because they all believe that she is Stephen’s favorite. And Stephen isn’t much help to her because he does nothing to disabuse the participants of the notion that she is not.
When Stephen’s mother starts treating her nicely in pretended support of her, and Nicollet is still hanging around waiting for her to screw up, Kelsey finds it hard to keep her mouth shut and to temper her anger.

The forces around her are consuming her and she explodes on Stephen, pushing him to throw her out of his life. Then he does something he can't take back and Kelsey can't find it in her heart to forgive. It seems as if Stephen and Kelsey’s possibility at forever has become unattainable.

How much can you take in the name of love? Is love enough? Can Kelsey push past the hurt and pain and move on? There are so many chances in love ---THIS IS THE LAST GREAT TEST OF THEIR LOVE

But Kelsey won’t give up. She is finally determined to battle for what she wants instead of letting others dictate it to her. She is not going to sit back and let anyone take her down without a fight. Facing all of her adversaries on at once isn’t ideal, but Kelsey’s ready for the Aftermath.