I Submissive /I Master Duet



 Alexis Quinn is a woman desperate to hang on to the last threads of a bad marriage. Her husband Lester is the only love she has ever known. As a dutiful wife of 10 years, it comes as a complete shock to her when the lecher and cheat asks her for a divorce.

Having submitted to one man for more than 15 years, Alexis finds that escaping her husband has given her not only a newfound freedom, but the desire for MORE.

Her best friend Phoebe takes Alexis out of her comfort zone to a 'Lifestyle' club, where Alexis fantasizes about being with the Dom Dmitri. He becomes her obsession, an infatuation that causes her entire life to spiral out of control with her overwhelming fascination to become the submissive woman Dmitri wants.

Thrown out of balance, Alexis's life is tossed with adverse circumstances, financial woes, custody battles between her ex, and feelings of worthlessness in the role of mother to her children.

Venturing out into the world on her own, Alexis strives to keep her sanity in tack, but she finds herself slowly losing the will to fight.

A new option appears in the form of a man unlike what she's ever had before. This man is everything Alexis needs, but will he be able to convince her into accepting a routine life of unconditional love?

If she accepts him, she'll have the pieces of her life put back together again in a nice neat box with a ribbon on top, but she won't have the MORE or the fulfillment of desire that has built up inside of her and is straining to escape. More importantly, she won't have the Dom Dmitri.

It appears to be too late for Alexis to accept anything less.

Alexis's journey to MORE takes her past seduction, into a direction where Alexis will discover her true power is beyond being just submissive, as she opens a door to a world that she has only dreamed was possible. 



Release 2019